Wednesday, December 9, 2009

please do not mind that i've never take it seriously

having insomnia for more than a month,
during SPM,
I'm distracted,
i'm so stressed,
not for exam, but us.

we met at the wrong time,
which was the time i felt that,
it's time for me to study without doing anything else.
i thought that i can handle both side,
but i don't,
completely no.
i was so selfish just for my future,
i shouldn't made the promise that i couldn't fulfill,
i admit,
i have never thought of you.

i should have tell you this earlier.
you have told me i'm just a little boy,
i do agreed with it.

i'm just so agreed with what your friend told you earlier,
we are completely from a different world.

it wasn't i have no BALLS to face you,
the only thing i can tell you is,
i really can't find the other right time to settle off this thing,
i'm leaving soon,
very very soon,
for years.
i know this is a bad excuse,
yet it is the truth.

there is no correct or wrong,
just the way of thinking is different,
background was different.

i'm no good in putting my feeling into precise words,
but hope through this few sentences,
can make your mind clear that,
i'm just not ready at all.

Friday, October 31, 2008

fed up

i'm freaking hate the life after exam,
although i'm free for it,
but yet when i received my marks,

i'm just fed up with it,
who cares.


c'mon lah,
here's malaysia,
i only celebrate this festival when i was 3,
no one wants candy man,
even kids want cash, cars and many more.

renewal of equipment,
repaint for scout room,
rearrange equipment,
rewrite an sponsorship letter.
i think that's all.

my asst. ,
if you really have chance to see this,
don't be so selfish,
do something.

and friend,
i know only your mom did this to his own son,
i swear i don't know how to console you,
but i hope you're really ok.

currently hooked to

kiss me like kissing the rain,

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

my sin was temporary over

when the bell rang,
i felt so joyful,
i'm free from exam,
i sure the everyone has the same feeling as mine,
i think remark of my feeling is unneeded.

QM of 9th pj scouts,
gonna be busy as a bee,
renewal of equipments.

didn't have much things to write on,
so chao guys.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

revive me


floating in my mind,
always takes my time,
i tried,
and i dont mind.

i freaking hate exam weih,
although still left 3 days,
but i really can't take it already,
and i know my results going to be below average.
i swear i didn't do well.

i slept at 3 everyday,
i came back from school before 3 everyday,
i ate 3 pieces of breads per day.
that's what exam life is.

am i giving up??
i dont give a damn about it.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

just don't recycle the bad things

i found that my capo is getting wore off,
so now is time to change another one.

i bought a clip one,
and once i try to place on my guitar,
it brakes,
spastic stuff,
wasted my 30 bucks.
and you know what,
it has no warrantee.

i didnt even try to use it,
and now it's broke.
feeling bad for the thing.

useless shit...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

lifeless, i know

it has been few months,
didn't hang out with family.

we went to ou together today,
and i bought few items,
that i really needed,

antiseptic mouthwash,
oh ya, and a pair of goggle.
blame on my snoopy,
biten off my old one.
forced me have to buy a new one.

yet, all the things i mentioned,
i paid for it.
not from parents,
is from me!!!

god damn it,
dad said those are you personal items,
if you want,
pay for it.

i have no choice,
this is the only chance i can buy when exam is on.
so the prices are,
listerine- RM 21.90
cleanser- RM 19.90
goggle- RM 49.90

total: RM 91.70

by my own man,
dad, watch out.

that time we're planning to watch a movie,
but dad says again.....
now the days movies are getting suck.
so i think we shouldn't waste the money on all these.
spoiled our mood man.

so i suggest,
we disperse to search for the things we want,
everyone agreed,
parents went to some where,
sister search for some shirts,
my brother follows me.

we went to MPH,
seaching for some books,
but i can't find any.
as my brother is not interested in books,
so he keeps yelling me to get off this dead place.

so i went to the guitar collection,
asking for some electric guitars,
so i tested,
2.5k over,
i forgot the model of it,
it was macnufactured by LTD.
no bad...
but i really hope i can get an electric guitar. :(

and sooner, brother and i went to shilin for some snacks,
i ordered a bowl of oysters noodle,
while my brother ordered tempura,
i really enjoyed,
because my brother agreed to pay for me.

about 8,
we gather again and went for dinner,
i didn't eat much,
but my brother was hungry like a mad dog,
he's experiencing puberty,
so foods are never enough for him during this period.

we reached home at around 10,
and i'm on the line till now ( 3.02 am)
i know....

although i'm not tired.

Friday, September 26, 2008

i'm the only one who really know how to play....
others, celefe...